A bit late, but whatever

Well this is my second post actually, but it will be pretty much the same as the first one, but in English! Some of you asked for and English version and I’m such a nice person so I’m actually doing it. To be honest for once I’m just laying in my bed all day sleeping, watching movies while being sick and after some days it gets boring, even for me, so thats the real reason. Also because of the the fact that I’m beginning to feel better, this might be the first and last english post, but we will see. So the reason I started the blog is actually the constant nagging (?nagging? I just realized I don’t really speak Englsih) from the side of my parents. I will try not to be boring, in case I fail don’t feel like you need to read the whole, just check out the pictures or something. I won’t write the last 2 months in this post, I will just go through some things, so you can just read what you are really interested in!

The EVS (European Voluntary Service) itself

I will start with this one, since this is actually happening and I think this id pretty much the most important part to write in english. It’s a GREAT opportunity for everyone and I think more people should know about it, so if you are between 17 and 30 and you only read one part of the blog, this shpuld be the one. EVS offers thousands of short and long-term projects, supported by Erasmus+, mostly in Europe, but as far as I know not only in Europe and not only for Europeans! I will look for some English websites where you can find infos about it. The easiest way is to find a great sending organization, who can help you explaining the whole process. I was lucky enough to find a great sending organization, who helped and still help me if I need. During the projects your accomodation, food, travel twice between your country and your host country twice and usually public transport are all COVERED by the European Union. As I promised here is the website about it:  http://europa.eu/youth/country/76/theme/46_en

What is Wrocław?

That was my first question as I was going through projects on different databases

Képtalálat a következőre: „wroclaw”
There it is

looking for projects. Yes, You are right, I wasn’t really aware of this, so I asked for some help from my friend, Google. As I was reading about the city I realized that it’s supposed to be a pretty nice city. After 1 week of living here I realized I just somehow moved to one of the
greatest cities in Europe. I’m one of the biggest fans of Budapest, but this city is really a big rival. With about 600.000 citizens we can’t say it’s a small city and the whole city is just wonderful. Also I am lucky enough to be here when Wrocław is the European Capital of Culture, so we can pick from a lots of events every week. Well, okay, I was mostly cultural on the first weeks, but still the opportunities are here. I recommend this city to everyone at least once, especially for students! The city itself is not expensive and everywhere you go, you find erasmus students. Wrocław is said to be one of the most multicultural cities in Poland, thanks to the universities. You cannot go out and have some fun without meeting very friendly and amazing erasmus students. I know, sounds terrible, right? I really could write so much more about the city, but maybe later…also pictures are coming soon hopefully.

My project

I am working in an English speaking kindergarten as an assistant. This kindergarten is pretty much different from other places, because the children have to do pretty much everything for themselves, we can’t help them. There are 5 groups and in 4 of them the age of the childrem is mixed, between 2 and 5 mostly, so that the olders can help the younger ones, which is great!! My calss is different, because all the children are older and we prepare them for school. They have to learn reading writing basic maths, but all these happen in a very informal way and they seem to love it a lot!! Every class has an assistant from an other country, right now there is my spanish flatmate, a girl from Venezuela a girl from Russia a girl from Germany and me. I hope they won’t get angry that I talk about them on my blog, but every single person who works here is so nice, it’s pretty hard to believe.

I think that’s all for now, I tried not to write a lot, because usually I usually also don’t read very long posts.


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